S.O.Syria – Dr. Işıl Berat Barlan Refugee Women Health Literacy and First Aid Training Program was launched in November 2016 by the Medical Search and Rescue Association (MEDAK).
It is aimed that the mothers who speak Arabic by means of education can respond to the emergency and first aid needs they may face, especially their children, to be aware of sexual health and reproductive health and to have sufficient knowledge and experience for this purpose. The training program developed is shared with relevant institutions and non-governmental organizations as a result of the protocols established within the scope of the project. For this purpose, a protocol was signed with 10 non-governmental organizations in order to develop a cooperation and to establish a partnership between non-governmental organizations. The S.O.Syria training program can be shared upon request, can be given in different institutions and new trainers can be trained.

Refugee Women Trainings

A total of 8 hours of first aid and health literacy training is provided for Arabic-speaking refugee women between the ages of 15-65. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to reduce the vulnerabilities of women in health area and to increase their capacity to respond in case of emergency.
The prepared program includes the right first aid interventions in emergency situations. In addition to this, the participants should be able to provide correct first aid applications to their families and children by the subjects such as doğru intervention techniques for children ine and a protection techniques from accidents arı; The aim of the course is to increase knowledge in the field of health literacy under the topics of tedir sexual and reproductive health”.

Assistant Trainings

S.O.Syria Trainings; The project consists of first aid instructors approved by the Ministry of Health and Syrian assistants who have been consecutive. Assistants can speak Arabic and Turkish fluently; the Syrian refugees between the ages of 20-35, mostly women Syrian refugees, who will support the access of Syrian refugees to effective health services for the benefit of health organizations and civil society. 3 days of first aid and communication skills were completed and 10 assistants were trained in the project.

First Aid and Emergency Kits

The first aid and emergency kits available to a family of 4-6 people in possible emergency situations are distributed at the end of the training.

Training program

  • 1st Day (4 hours)
    • General Information
    • Evaluation of H / Y and Incident Location
    • First aid in bleeding and shock
    • First aid for injuries
    • First aid in burn freeze
    • First aid in fractures and sprains
    • First aid in Consciousness Disorders
    • First aid in poisoning
    • First aid in animal bites
    • First aid in foreign body escape
    • First aid in choking
    • Intervention Techniques for Children
    • Protection from accidents
  • 2. Day (4 hours)
    • Intervention Technician
    • Fever Measurement in Children
    • Accidental Protection Methods
    • Contraceptive Methods
    • Breast Cancer
    • Cervical Cancer
    • Menopause